Instrument Rating

Instrument Rating Course details
Instrument Rating Course details
3-6 Months

Who Is This Course For?

The Instrument Rating course equips commercial pilots to fly through visually impossible weather conditions by sole use of flight instruments. This can take from 3-6 months and typically will come after one completes a commercial pilot license.

Pre Entry


  • CAA Medical

  • Minimum of UACE or equivalent in other curriculum system

  • ICAO English language proficiency

  • Aptitude Exam

  • Minimum age requirement 17years

What The IR Course Includes

  • Discovering Instrument Flight
  • Advanced Human Factors in
  • Instrument Flight
  • Analog Flight Instruments
  • Digital Fight Instruments
  • Attitude Instrument Flying
  • Partial Panel and Systems and Equipment Malfunctions
  • Instrument Navigation

Final Qualifications

  • Ground School
  • Simulator Training
  • Advanced Simulator Training
  • 40 Flight Hours

Private Pilot License

Flight Operations Officer

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