Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Pangea Aviation Academy Located?

Pangea Aviation Academy is located on our 6-acre facility at Gate 1, Kajjansi Airfield. This is home to the learning centre and the affiliate companies KEA and Pangea Jet Centre.

How old do I need to be, to start training?

The candidate must be 17 years and above to enroll in any aviation training programme.

How do I enroll for a course?

The first step to enrolling for a course, is to schedule an assessment meeting with us.

Call or email us to book a meeting. Once we receive your communication, our administrator will contact you to propose a date. During this meeting you will be assessed and all necessary information will be provided in regard to entry fees, tuition fees, medical requirements etc.

What are the requirements for joining a course at Pangea Aviation Academy?

To enroll for a course, the candidate should:

  • Be 17 years and above (Male or Female).
  • Have a minimum qualification equivalent to the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE).
  • Be able to pay a non-refundable assessment fee of 50USD.
  • Pass the assessment test.
  • Medical Fitness (Legally required by Uganda Civil Aviation Authority).
  • Be able to cover the full cost of the tuition fees upon enrollment.

What Qualifications does Pangea Aviation Academy offer?

Pangea Aviation Academy offers professional courses for Private Pilot Licence (PPL), Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), Instrument Rating (IR) and Flight Operations Officer (FOO)

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Do I need to have a Study Visa?

All International students looking to enroll need to apply for a student visa with the Uganda Immigration. You can find more information on Uganda Immigration’s official website and electronic visa/permit application system

What is the name of the profession?

There are various professions within the aviation industry. At the moment Pangea Aviation Academy trains only professional Pilots and Flight Operations Officers.

Where and how long is the training?

The pilot training takes place at our training facility, Pangea Aviation Academy, located at Gate 1, Kajjansi Airfield. Private Pilot Licence (PPL) takes 3-6 months, Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) takes a total of 9-12 months including the Private Licence along the way. Instrument Rating (IR) can take from 3-6 months. Often times how fast the course progresses depends on the student’s personal capability to advance. 

What subjects are very important in preparation?

Most of aviation is more about character rather than what subjects you studied, except for specific ones like Aeronautical Engineering which requires Physics and Mathematics. At Pangea Aviation Academy we train students with a background in several different subjects.

How much does the aviation training cost?

Our PPL course ranges from $13,000 to $15,000, depending on your self-preparation. At Pangea Aviation Academy, we advise your paying patron to make minimum payments of $4000 (15,000,000 UGX) every month or two. If this pay system is consistent, one can finish the full fees and course from 6months-1 year. If all tuition fees are paid at once, one can finish in 3-6 months.

Because the majority of students do not pay their own fees, we require strictly the contacts of the parents or guardians to discuss more thoroughly the investment that they would be making by educating you in aviation.

Does Pangea Aviation Academy Offer Scholarships/ Bursaries?

Pangea Aviation Academy does not offer scholarships or bursaries, but we can advise that you and your family could seek sponsorship from various organizations including State House scholarships, Buganda Kingdom, Science-oriented organizations, etc.

What general advice can you give one seeking to enroll in an aviation course?

Prepare by studying and researching early on your field of interest.

Discuss with your guardian whether they can be of help to see you through your career passion.

You are welcome to visit Pangea Aviation Academy off Entebbe Road at Kajjansi Town. Ensure that you book an appointment in advance and come as a group. This way we can arrange a tour of our facility.