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Started in 1997 as the Kajjansi Flying School, Pangea Aviation Academy is evovling into one of Africa’s premier aviation training institutions. What started as an aeroclub in 1997 is now steadily growing to include international courses in aviation and serving the region to train and equip African pilots for the global market. Pangea Aviation Academy sits on a 6 acre property located at Gate 1, Kajjansi Airfield. This is home to the learning centre, the maintenance facility and the affiliate companies.



Our philosophy is to give you an excellent operational capability, to empower you to do the job you are licensed to do, and do it well. Whether as a private or commercial pilot.


All our instructors are expertly trained and practicing commercial pilots. We are committed to recruiting only the best in class instructors in the industry to ensure our students become the best they can be.

On campus


The campus offers a serene and comfortable learning environment. Students enjoy a balance of academic and extra-curricular activity. The surrounding town and the proximity to the city caters for all the social needs students have.

From trips, sports activity and multiple extra-curricular activities, studying at Pangea Aviation Academy offers a well-rounded experience for both young and older students.



Through our strong network of affiliates and industry ties, we are able to support students who progress fast and excel in finding employment upon course completion.

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